Hela Nuclear Extracts (Not dialysed)


Volume:from 3ml to 15ml. Concentration:~6mg/ml (Bradford). Hela Nuclear Extracts are prepared from fresh cells in exponential phase only (Viability>95%). Preparation witout dialysis.

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Product Description

HeLa cell
The HeLa cell line was established from an adenocarcinoma of the cervix in 1952. It is the first continuous human cell line.

HeLa Nuclear Extracts Production
HeLa cells are grown in sonoperfused fedbatch (cytostat) mode at a constant concentration of 5×106 cells/ml (cell viability: 93%-99%) under GLP conditions in our facility in Mons, Belgium. Cells are harvested in exponential phase.

The Nuclear Extracts are prepared according to :
Dignam, J. D., Lebovitz, R. M., and Roeder, R. G. (1983) Nucleic Acids Res. 11, 1475-1489

Conc. Protein (Bradford) = +/- 6 mg/ml

No dialyse is performed during the preparation of this product. The preparatio stopped after the ultra-centrifugation step. Buffer composition is then the same as the extraction buffer.

Research Use
Our HeLa Nuclear Extracts are used by research or production entities worldwide for the study of biochemical processing, high throughput screening or purification of biological material from human origin. Also suitable for use in Gel Shift and Western Blotting assay. For published papers reporting the use of our extract, please check out our references list

Quality Control
Cultures are screened for the presence of bacteries, yeast, fungi and mycoplasma (DNA amplification). NBCS used in the culture medium is certified from New Zealand origin.

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