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Mammalian cell products :

Ipracell is offering a broad range of biologicals based on mammalian cells for academics, public and private research groups.

Cell pellets, lysates, nuclear extracts, cytoplasm / S100 extracts are available from a broad range of mammalian cell lines.

All our Hela products are in stock and shipped worldwide every Monday.

Based on more than 20 years of expertise, Ipracell's cell culture production facility offers high quality biologicals at the lowest cost and in a very short time.



Cytoplasmic Extract S100


Nuclear Extract

Nuclear Extract Not Dialysed

Ipracell has expertise to manage any types of cell culture process, from lab to manufacturing scale.

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Cell culture services

For small scale and pre-culture, spinner flask are used. For medium to large scale, 3L, 7L or 15L bioreactors are implemented in fed-batch or with perfusion to allow very high daily productivity.

Process development

You have a cell based protein expression plateform but do not have any dedicated process for production?Ipracell will develop it and provide you high quality products as well as a complete production process. Equipped with metabolites analyser (L-Glutamine, Ammonium, Glucose, Lactate, Glutamate,...), lensless viability analyser & cell counter, online biomass probe especially, we compare and analyse media, feeding strategies and perfusion process to get the best from any cells!


Ipracell's cell culture production facility offers high quality biologicals at excellent productivity and the lowest cost.

Adherent Cells

Ipracell is able to provide the best follow-up on adherent cell cultivation during pre-culture steps. Ipracell studies include impact of media formulation, cell container, culture conditions… Production is performed using hyperflask, cell factories or microcarriers in spinner or bioreactor depending the production scale and the application. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific need.

Suspension Cells

Equipped with last technology acoustic filter and online biomass probe, Ipracell is able to produce biologicals at the scale you need.Equipped with 4 "bioreactor production units" implementing each batch, fed-batch or perfusion, we implement any kind of feeding/perfusion control strategies in addition of temperature, agitation, pH, dO2, foam regulations.Cell harvest are performed in exponential growth phase and are treated quickly until snap freezing of the final products. Automated dounce systems allow a incredible quality and reproducibility between production lot. We routinely prepare nuclei, cytoplasmic extracts, nuclear extracts, S100 cytoplasmic fraction and mitochondria but are of course open to implement your own protocol to prepare your cell extracts.

Customized protein products

Cell free supernatants from perfused bioreactors are collected continuoulsy in cold room and are down-stream processed 2 times a week. Equipped with single step purification plateform, Ipracell is able to perform capture/purification of proteins from cell culture supernatant to provide ready to use products for your business. Using Streamline (ID 2.5cm) or refrigerated chromatography column (ID from 1cm to 5cm), we are used to implement different affinity resins (Pall MEP Hypercell, GE ProteinA Sepharose,...) to supply our customer with best quality products.


Your company or research unit needs more antibody to progress in you medecine development ?

Ipracell provides you with quality antibody produced in GLP environnement.From grams to hundreds of grams and more if needed, Ipracell will manage production in bioreactor and execute first step purification to provide you with best quality antibody.


Ipracell produces "ready to use" IgG for diagnosis from milligrams to hundreds of grams.Are you searching an alternative to your small scale production or to an ascite production ? Ipracell will help you to make the step and find the ideal production process whatever the scale.By completing upstream by a single capture/purification step, Ipracell provides > 90-95% concentrated protein allowing a direct use in you process. Custom formulation and concentration of final product are of course possible !


A specific need in enzyme or any other recombinant protein expressed in a cell plateform ?

Be sure Ipracell will help you to produce it the best way.

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