Cytoplasmic Extracts is a rich source of complexes (40S, 60S ribosomal subunits and 80S ribosomes etc…), Factors involved in translation (eIFs’, IRES- and PolyA binding proteins), Factors which play a role on different parts of the mRNA molecule (5′- and 3′ UTRs’).

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Hela Cytoplasmic Extract

It can be used to study the regulation of muRNA processing, mRNA polymorphism… Preliminary data suggest that HCE compares favorably with the rabbit reticulocyte lysate for cell-free protein expression.

HCE production automation makes it possible to offer this subcellular fraction of high and reproducible quality at very competitive prices.

CV – 1

This is a pseudodiploid, male African green monkey cell line. The modal chromosome number was 60, occurring in 48% of cells, and the rate of polyploidy was at 4.4%

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Cell line

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